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 Dog Walking
15 min Potty Break:
If you are concerned about your dogs crossing their legs all day while you are away and you need me to let them out for a quick break this is a great option. $15.00

1 mile, 30 min walk: Is it rainy? Are you tired?  Well your dog still needs exercise...have us walk them for you . $25.00 (add $5 for each additional dog in your pack).

1-2 miles, 45 min. walk: Is your dog young, high energy, or perhaps overweight?  This 2 mile walk/jog is just what they need. $31.00 (add $5 for each additional dog in your pack).

Payment options: Cash, or Check made out to Pup Strut Venmo or PayPal.

Pet Sitting Services

Tired of the guilt of leaving your dog or cat at a kennel?  Pets in kennel situations often experience stress and can develop anxiety as well as other health issues while in the confines of small spaces or cages.  The alternative of leaving your pet at home or in the home of an experienced pet care professional can be beneficial for both you and your pet(s).  Please consider the services below: 

***Occasionally a well trained and social dog can stay at my house for extra attention and love for $50 a night.

1 visit per day:
Love and attention, feeding, potty break, and/or litter scoop for up to 2 animals* $25.  I will also bring in your mail, water plants and turn on/off lights if requested.  This is a good option for cat owners who's cats have access to 'open feeders'.

2 visits per day: Two 15 min walks, and all of the services mentioned above (if requested). $45 for up to 2 animals*.  Please note that if you own a dog he/she must have access to the outdoors (doggie door etc.) to use this twice a day service.  Asking an animal to 'hold it' for 12 hours at a time is unfair to the animal.

3 visits per day: I visit your house 3 times a day for feeding/walking and potty breaks $65. Or, your dog(s) can stay at my house for extra attention and love.  Please note if you want your dog(s) to stay with me, your dog(s) must meet my two dogs prior to the overnight stay, be current on shots, be non-aggressive, non-destructive and potty-trained. $40 a night for 1 dog, add $10 per night for each additional dog.

*For each additional animal, please add $10.  There is no additional charge for small pets such as fish or hamsters.

*Please add a $15 holiday fee for all major holidays.

Email, text and/or photo updates of your pets are available at no addional charge.

$10 off your first pet sitting service! Please mention this offer when you book your service.  

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